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Our IT and Telecoms services to business clients include:

Networks Infrastructure

We deploy highly efficient network infrastructure to ensure quality converged services.


These may be on-site IP Pabxs or Hosted Pabxs. If required, legacy type analog/digital pabxs can also be arranged via partner companies.

VoIP Solution

VoIP accounts arranged and implemented with a major national provider. Features include:

  • Highly competitive rates. Average saving of 40% on your call charges.
  • Connectivity via ADSL, LTE, SAIX, Diginet, Wireless or Fibre.
  • Pure per-second billing
  • No contract terms for most solution types
  • No number changes
  • Free inter-branch calls
  • Call Back services –where staff member in the field can remain in contact without using airtime

Call Recordings

Solutions may be integrated within an on-site IP pabx or may be hosted. The hosted solution can be implemented on any type of pabx and line type. Call recordings are fully compliant with FICA, FAIS, POPPI and CPA.

Other Business Services

  • Business Data
  • Business VPN Solutions
  • Video Conferencing